The Family Values Scheme

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The Family Values Scheme

By Gill Ellis and Nicola S Morgan


The Family Values Scheme is a simple yet effective way of engaging families including the ‘hard- to-reach’. The Family Values Scheme is based around a set of 22 values designed to encourage families to participate in a series of fun tasks and challenges which they plan and carry out together within the flexibility of their own home and/or educational setting.


The Family Values Scheme pack activities encourages families through fun activities to:

  • help their children understand and deal

with their feelings and emotions;

  • problem-solve situations;
  • understand the importance of active


  • positively reinforce good behaviour;
  • negotiate differences;
  • promote responsibility; and
  • interact with their children.


The Family Values Scheme pack includes:

  • Your 12 chosen values
  • Handbook
  • Getting started CD-ROM
  • Resources


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