The 5 Step Behaviour Programme

The 5 Step Behaviour Programme

By Nicola S Morgan and Gill Ellis


The 5-Step Behaviour Programme (5SBP) is a comprehensive scheme and CD-ROM to support schools to achieve effective behaviour management through a simple step-by-step approach.

The Programme achieves this by encouraging schools to adopt an approach to behaviour management which is simple, effective and yet sustainable. It focuses on schools setting up effective systems for school rules, correctives and rewards linked to a whole-school positive behaviour policy. Using tried and tested strategies throughout the Programme, it endeavours to show schools how to plan, implement and monitor these systems. All the strategies that are used in the Programme are based on the philosophy that consistency in positive reinforcement and the development of a child’s emotional literacy can change and improve pupils’ behaviour.

The Programme promotes inclusion and identifies ways that this can be done giving particular attention throughout the programme to incorporate the requirements of children with special educational needs and to ensure that the Programme meets the requirements in the Code of Practice.


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