7 reasons your primary school pupils should learn to code

05 Sep 2016

For today’s children, learning to code is fun.

Gone are the days when that meant dry classroom sessions and number-crunching.

With the advent of simplified computers like the Raspberry Pi, and rich learning software like Scratch, pupils are turning play into useful skills.

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Why is my pupil so angry and defiant?

05 Sep 2016

Have you ever come across a pupil who was angry, defiant, vindictive, and spiteful – and you couldn’t put your finger on the cause?

There are some pupils for whom a person on authority – such as a teacher – is like a red rag to a bull.

They could be suffering from Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD).

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How to help your pupils become Great Learners

31 Jul 2016

Every teacher knows that each pupil has a different set of abilities, skills, and personality traits.

In any class, there will be those who learn quickly, and those who need to take their time.

There will also be some who are Great Learners, and they could be the key to helping the whole class, and the whole school.

Why? The answer is that with the right mindset, a growth mindset, anyone can become a Great Learner. That happens once pupils can see how it works.

If they can see it, they can be it.


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10 effective ways to help your children behave well this summer

31 Jul 2016

The start of the six-week summer break can be daunting for parents.

Are you worrying about your child’s behaviour on holidays and days out?

Do you fear your time at home with them will become an exhausting battle?

We have 10 tried and tested techniques you can deploy to help manage your child’s behaviour and allow you both to have fun this summer:


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