Help! My child’s a bully – what do I do?

08 Nov 2016

It starts with a phone call from your child’s school.

You’re told they’re in trouble because they’ve been bullying another pupil.

It’s a shock and seems so out of character.

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How to avoid school attendance horrors this Halloween

30 Sep 2016

Heads and teachers know school attendance is hugely important.

It is a key performance measure for inspection bodies like Ofsted. A school which ranks poorly for attendance will rank poorly in league tables.

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Family engagement is the key to successful pupils

30 Sep 2016

Teachers know that when parents are engaged and supportive, pupil behaviour and school results are highly likely improve.

It’s a formula for success.


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Why female entrepreneurs need to develop a growth mindset

29 Sep 2016

Open water training isn’t easy or fun.

When I think about putting on my swim suit and slipping into the freezing water at a diving centre or at a beach on the Welsh coast this winter, it would be easy to give up and stay at home with a hot drink and warm clothes. It would be easy to stay in that comfort zone.


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