Reading Time? Tell Me a Story!

05 Sep 2018

How often do you spend during the week reading with your child?

An hour? Half an hour? 10 minutes?

Find out how you can do more!

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New School? No Problem! First Day of School Sorted!

24 Aug 2018

All parents know that the first day of school is a key milestone in every child’s life, but how can you help prepare them for the start of a new year and put their nervous minds at ease?
There are numerous things you can do to help ease their anxiety and build their confidence ahead of their first day.

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Nicola’s English Channel Swim – Unfinished Business!

10 Aug 2018

Swimming Against The Tide

There is no such thing as failure, it’s just unfinished business! The story continues with Nicola’s Growth Mindset resilience journey with her second English Channel Swim attempt coming July 19th 2019. Nicola is hoping to raise £2800 to buy an Optilec Traveller HD for a beautiful young girl (inside and out), called Mari Lewis. Mari has a rare genetic condition called WAGR syndrome and is registered blind but can see very large print close up. She is also the only person in Wales known to have the condition.

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New: Family Growth Mindset Scheme Pack now available to buy!

22 May 2018

Are you looking for a scheme to work with parents? We have launched an exciting Family Growth Mindset Scheme Pack that’s now available for you to buy.

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