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Growth Mindset – developing pupils mindset through practical strategies and ideas – Leeds

Date: 28 January 2020
Resgistration: 9:00 am - 9:30 am
Course: 9:30 am - 3:00 pm
Location: leeds


This one-day course will offer delegates practical ways to effectively embed the mindset research which has already boosted achievement and resilience within classrooms and schools. This approach gives delegates teaching resources and information needed to make mindset a reality for students. Delegates will have the ability to not only change the minds of their students but also help them embrace challenge, develop resilience and continue developing their learning. The course will also look at engaging families by taking growth mindset strategies into the home.

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£199 + VAT (Early bird)

£230 + VAT (Standard rate)

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Includes lunch, refreshments, full set of course notes and CPD Certificate.

 We also have Family Growth Mindset Scheme pack and CD includes:
– Practical ways for the family to praise their child so that they feel motivated.
– Effective questions for the family to use as an alternative to praise.
– Practical ways for the family to improve behaviour and motivation to learn.
– Tools to establish family members’ mindset.
– Effective ways for the family to deliver feedback in order to motivate and build resilience.
– A structured bank of fun and exciting activities for the family to promote and develop motivation, effort, resilience and challenge.

Price £295 + VAT (+ Delivery)
If you wish to purchase Scheme Pack with the course contact for a discount price – and please note down on your booking form in the ‘Notes’.


  • Understand the theory of Professor Carol Dweck’s mindsets and look at ways to put it into practice.
  • Unpick the latest research based on developing mindset and overcoming belief systems;
  • Unpick how growth mindsets can increase achievement;
  • Help build and develop students’ resilience and motivation;
  • Develop students’ language to help think and talk about learning;
  • Understand the impact of reward systems and target setting;
  • Follow a step-by-step approach to embed growth mindsets within your class and school;
  • Look at the Family Growth Mindset Scheme as a way of taking growth mindset into the home.

Course Leader

Nicola S Morgan


United Kingdom
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Target Audience

All staff member in Early Years, Primary & Secondary Schools
Deputy Headteachers
Teaching Assistants


Incredibly helpful. I am already incredibly passionate about the subject. The course allowed me to speak to others about their practical ideas for the classroom. It was great to be a part of a course where I left with more than just theory. I have got so many ideas for my classroom and the school. Thank you!
The training day was very motivational and helped me to identity where our school are in terms of developing a growth mindset culture. I am looking forward to planning how to develop this and will use the resources provided by Nicola to help engage all stake holders. I have a much better understanding of what growth mindset is and look forward to continuing this.
This was a fascinating and relevant course which was delivered to a very high standard. We were not bombarded by PowerPoints and come away with MANY practical suggestions which have the potential to make huge impacts in our school.
Probably the best CPD I have had. The passion, clarity and openness made it a thoroughly engaging day which has challenged my thinking. A real strength was the different ways in which the material was presented video, data, image, discussion and debate. Thank you I am confident I will be a stronger teacher and leader as a result.
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  • Spot on! I left with lots of food for thought and lots of actions. The time flew despite it being a long day. The venue was super.

  • I found it to be an excellent course both in way of content delivery. Very thought provoking and of great benefit to me as a governor in the personnel and disciplinary committees. Thank you.

  • Absolutely brilliant. Good pace, snappy, relevant, great advice, ideas and content. Thank you.

  • Excellent trainer and training. Very good delivery. I am very interested in more courses available! The training has helped me to look back at ways of becoming effective.

  • Excellent-lovely manner of presenter – human, funny, engaging. Excellent content- just what I wanted – with very supportive work book. Really want to go on and try some of the techniques and read the book.

  • Absolutely fantastic. It was so relevant and so applicable. Ellen was so approachable for answering questions and opening up. Possibly life-changing! So adaptable to the needs/wishes of the group. Thank you very much.

  • Brilliant! Very knowledgeable trainer with lots of examples I can use in school. The whole day was packed full of great ideas and very current information from Ofsted. Lots of good practise that I can take back to school. Thank you.

  • Excellent! The most beneficial course I’ve attended in years. Re-inspired me to put into practise some of the things I’d stopped doing.

    L. Watt, Sharnbrook Upper School
  • Excellent! Clearly presented. Excellent course materials with practical ideas and resources which may be adapted. We look forward to implementing the 6 week programme which is highly relevant to the students we work with. This has left me with skills which may be used tomorrow and a programme to develop and implement in the future. Diolch!

    N. Morgan, Cyfarthfa High School, Merthyr
  • Training was highly relevant. Lots of good information and advice from both the trainer and staff from other schools. Really enjoyed this training today. Catherine did a great training session.

    L. Robb, Cranhill Primary, Scotland